Eostra E100-Aerosol Suction Machine

Deskripsi Singkat Produk

Eostra is an aerosol suction machine that functions to suction the aerosols and droplets that produced in the medical practice by doctors on their patients. This aerosol suction can be used by dentists, dermatologists, ENT doctors, and anesthesiologists.

Spesifikasi Produk
  • Electricity consumption: 1036 W

  • Suction power max: 17.5 kPa

  • 4 Stages of filtration:

    -Non-woven Pre-filter

    -HEPA Filter H13

    -UVC 254nm

    -Hepa filter H13

  • The sleeve uses flexible Arm, it is easy to be directed according to the doctor’s needs

  • Provided 2 cup sizes 18mm and 25mm

  • Noise ±70dB

  • Dimension: 290 x 360 x 660 mm


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